Portfolio of Robyn Powell

Portfolio of Robyn Powell #

Demo Reels #

‘5 Minutes After’ Demo Reel (2023) #

I’m proud to display the latest demo reel to showcase the musical skills I have developed over the years. This includes pieces composed using 90s MIDI synths, tracker music composed in OpenMPT and also music produced in Logic. Using the tools at my disposal, I can craft music in a variety of styles, please take a listen to my creative output!

‘5 Minutes’ Demo Reel (2018) #

Although this demo reel is much older, with some songs from even 8 years ago now, it holds up and showcases a lot of tracks that I believe are worth a listen!

Video Game Work #

I have worked on many video game projects to compose music and sound design for. As a composer I’m very respectful of the developer’s vision and will make revisions of a track until they are happy with it. A good starting reference point will guarantee that we’re on the same page, as well as 1-to-1 calls/meetings to try out some ideas and see what they like. Linked below are just a few projects I have worked on.

Full Void (2022-23) #

I have worked with OutOfTheBit Ltd since early development of this game to provide high quality sound effects and music, enhancing the game’s atmosphere with many small details and dynamic changes. The game is out on Steam and also available to pre-order on the Evercade! I composed the music for the trailer using my E-mu Proteus 2000 & KORG N1R sound modules sequenced in Sekaiju.

Wild Baffo (2020) #

I composed the music and sound effects for this game, including the trailer also, by OutOfTheBit Ltd. It was a very fun project to work on and I made some nice stylised arcade tracks for it all in the Amiga MOD format.

The trailer music was done on my E-mu Proteus 2000 & Yamaha TG100 sound modules sequenced in Sekaiju.

Bard: Keep the Story Alive (2020) #

Click here to play this game in your browser! I did all of the music and sound design for this game. I used an E-mu Proteus 2000 for all of the sounds and sequenced the music in Sekaiju.

Kyoto 437 (2019) #

I composed a couple of AdLib-style tracks for Astrojone, you can play it on their website here!

Jabberwocky (2019) #

Click here to play this game in your browser! Like with Bard, I did all of the sound design and music. A soundtrack is currently in the works with remastered tunes. This is a physical GameBoy ROM that is playable on a physical GameBoy. The music was composed as 4-channel MOD files which limited the amount of effects used, and so the album release will address the physical limitations that the music had to keep due to an extremely limiting sound engine.

Hollow Fantasia: Revival of World’s End (2019) #

I created two tracks for this video game, a theme tune and also the theme for Electronica Town. The game is still a work in progress, and I made these tracks in 2019. The track is also available on the radio in the game SoraKagi (ソラカギ)

Zoo Saga (2019-2020) #

I worked with other talented composers to create the soundtrack for Astrojone’s Zoo Saga video game which is currently in the works. I have also mastered all of the tracks for the game, though I am unable to currently share these mastered versions. Below is one of the tracks I composed for the game. There are many more songs to be released when the game comes out.

Mixing and Mastering projects #

The PSG Cabal - Nintendium 118 - Volume 1 (2019) #

I mastered all 26 tracks for this compilation, ranging from Famitracker, LSDJ, Beepbox OpenMPT and other DAWs that the participants used to compose these in. It was an extremely time-consuming task to get them at a level I was happy with. I had also composed a tune for this, called URANiUM, and you can listen here.

The PSG Cabal - Robot Master Challenge (2018) #

I mastered all 8 tracks of this compilation. We were each assigned a robot master to compose for. Here is the track I made for it, Chaos Man, if you are curious.

#MONSQUAZ Swap Album 9 - The Joonas Karjalainen Edition (2018) #

I mixed half of the tracks for this compilation, while Midori Mizuno did the rest. Coral did the end mastering process. I also participated in creating music for this project, working on every track once and being assigned a new track each of those days.

Music for miscellaneous projects #

Chiptune = WIN: Volume 8 (2019) #

I composed a track for volume 8 of the famous Chiptune = Win compilation albums. This track was also included into Random chiptune mix 44 by Krelez, an extremely popular compilation of chiptune mixes. There’s even a review of my track that you can read, written by Pixel Guy. Please view the review here!

POWER! SC-55 and POWER! XG (2019) #

I participated in some really great collaborative albums hosted by Noelle, also known as Speedy, with other VGM and computer music composers. The tracks run on vintage synthesizer modules, ones that were used to play video game soundtracks on back in the day, and no further processing was used making these extremely impressive for novelty and technical value. You may listen to both albums on YouTube which are hosted on her YouTube channel.

PSG Cabal - Genre Challenge (2018) #

This was a fun project where we were assigned a genre by the host. I composed a chiptune in Deflemask using the PC-Engine format using my genre which was Happy Hardcore. I used the genre lightly and made a more pop-style song.

Battle of the Bits One-Hour-Battles #

As a hobby I have made many songs in the span of a single hour each. As of this publication I have done 124 of these competing against others. 56 of these have been voted 1st place, 25 2nd place and 15 third place overall which I’m happy with. Forcing myself to make full tracks in an hour has been really helpful to streamline my workflow. I seem to work well on a deadline that’s as close as an hour! You can see all of my OHB entries here, but below is a playlist of everything on my SoundCloud.

My albums #

So far I have composed, produced, mixed and mastered three of my very own albums. I commissioned remixes especially for these, most of which you can hear on the Bandcamp website without paying for the full album. All of these include VGM, electro, synthpop and acid house inspired music which blends into my own style of composition. You can watch a review of my first album here by music critic The Wonkey Angle on YouTube and you can read a review of my second album here by Pixel Guy and another by Aaron Hudspeth on Liftoff. Both should give you a clear definition of my music. :) You should find all related credits in the descriptions in Bandcamp. I’m selling a digipak CDs of my third album here, grab one while they’re still available!